Comfort Eco Boost

lotus-renderThe innovative Comfort Eco Boost feature makes it even easier to light a Lotus stove, and is an optional extra available on the Sola, Liva, Mira and Prestige Integra models. When activated, a boost of air is supplied to the stove’s firebox, speeding up the initial ignition as well as ensuring that newly added logs take even less time to catch fire. Featuring an integrated timer, the Comfort Eco Boost automatically closes the air supply after the preset period of time has passed, meaning that you can recline in comfort and relaxation after lighting or refuelling your Lotus stove.

  1. Air is pulled through the vent below the stove and fed directly into the firebox through the Comfort Eco Boost function
  2. A gentle pull of the automatic handle opens the Comfort Eco Boost to supply air for the preset period of time
  3. The Comfort Eco Boost is powered by an easily changeable 9V battery which rarely requires replacing.
  4. The easy to use timer control allows airflow to be preset to be provided for 1-7 minutes.

10 Year Warranty

WarrantyWhen you choose a Lotus stove or fire, quality and technology are assured. Accordingly, your Lotus Expert Retailer will provide you with a Ten Year Extended Warranty for your new wood burning stove or fire.

Wood Burning Benefits

Carbon Neutral All Lotus stoves and fires are designed for wood burning only. The amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere while burning wood is approximately the same as that absorbed by the tree during growth.

Product Registration

Product Registration Please complete a simple form to register and submit your new Lotus wood burning stove or fire. Registration will help your retailer to provide their warranty on your new appliance.

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RetailersYou will find our products are only available from experienced, independent retailers who will be happy to show you a selection of models locally in their showrooms, often fully operational.

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